Action Tweak


The gloves are the main cotrollers of the system. By pressing small buttons which are sewed into the fingers I can decide which sensors or sounds to turn on or off. Below you can see all the sensors built into the system. The cap has an accelerometer and LED's to visualize how it reacts to movement.


These are the electronic components and sensors I use.
1. Infrared Proximity Sensor
2. Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
3. Force Sensitive Resistors
4. XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1
5. Arduino Fio
6. Arduino Pro Mini 328
7. Flex Sensor 4.5"
8. Thumb Slide Joystick
9. Triple Axis Accelerometer
10. Mini Push Button Switch
11. Rotary Potentiometer  

antenna antenna2

The "antennas" with rubber balls have each a proximity sensor inside. They measure the distance to my hands and translate it to sound. All sensor data, also of my gloves, cap, shoes and belt are sent to the computer wirelessly. For this I use Xbee radios and Arduino Fios.


Here you see what's going on in my shoes and my belt. The insoles have force sensitive resistores inside. The little box, which I attach to my belt, has an accelerometer, an Arduino Fio with an Xbee radio and a batterie included.

2009 / 2010
Before I knew wireless technologie, I used a joystick and rubber gloves with just a few sensors to perform.


How it all began: After a sensor-workshop week at Zurich University of the Arts, I presented this wobbly installation. I used 3 distance sensors (2 for my hands and 1 for my feet), and a conventional MIDI-controller.